Christmas 2014

1-Minute-Calibration Filament! You can Enjoy Perfect Prints Every-time, Every-where!”

If you’re finding yourself spending more time with your printer than your family or feeling someone is going to tear your printer apart.

It’s time to act! And FAST!

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Our filament product is specially made for 3D printer that allows you to print with stress-free.

No more baby-sitting your printer.

Spend more quality-time with your family and friends.

And save your printer!

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A Complete Line of Offerings

  • 100% Made in Taiwan
  • Premium Grade Materials, ABS & PLA
  • Material Safety
  • Ultra High Quality in Diameter & Roundness
  • Color Evenness in every print
  • High Efficiency, No Downtime
  • One Time Calibration
  • No Maintenance Required
  • No Waste Filament
  • 24/7 Live 3D Filament Support
  • Free Shipping to the U.S. and Canada
  • Strongly recommended by our Partners

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