What Industry Experts say about BotFeeder?

3D Printing Design and Print Shop Chief Technology Officer of IoT Design Shop

Trent Shumay B.Sc., Chief Technology Officer, IoT Design Shop

3D Printer(s):
MakerBot Replicator 2X
Flash Forge Creator X
Flash Forge Creator

We run a manufacturing line based on a grid of 3D-printers. Quality and consistency is key for us because failed prints and downtime cost us time and money. When we tested BotFeeder ABS-Filament, we were extremely happy with the results and switched our entire line to run BotFeeder-Filament. The results since then have been very good with great consistency and print quality. There have been no filament quality related issues since we switched over. Additionally, the support and service from BotFeeder.ca has been excellent. We’ve always received orders promptly, and as promised, and would recommend BotFeeder as a great partner for supplying your filament needs.

Professional Engineer (P.Eng.)

Professional Engineer (P.Eng.)
Research & Development Engineer in Manufacturing Industry and Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University

3D Printer(s):
MakerBot Replicator 2X

We saved countless of hours after switching to your ABS-filament. Not only there is no problem with your products. The 3D-prints result have been outstanding. If you have any quality issue with your current filament supplier, we strongly recommend you to try BotFeeder-Filament. Plus, their technicians gave us many useful 3D-printing tips and recommendations.

3D Print Shop

Doug Marett, Chief Executive Officer, Skyhunt

3D Printer(s):
TulularBot Prusa i3

I have been using BotFeeder 3mm ABS for years now with all my printers and it always gives me great prints. I highly recommend it.


Architectural Designer at a Land Developer

3D Printer(s):
Solidoodle 2

3D-printing is one of the best technology ever. It saves us time and money. With the additional time, we, architects, are able to design a better architectural building for our clients. Thank you BotFeeder for supplying us such high-quality 3D-printer-filament.

Senior Partner of a 3D Printing Design Company

Senior Partner, 3D Printing Design Company

3D Printer(s):
Leap Frog Creatr HS XL

A 43% improvement in our printing efficiency just after one quarter into using BotFeeder-3D-Filament. And our clients are very pleased with the print quality. As a partner of a 3D-printing design company, I am excited to see our profit margin grow substantially.

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