Who is BotFeeder?

Innovative And Dedicated R&D
Ultra Precision Production
High-Quality Control
Excellent Product Service

BotFeeder is established in 2012 and is a self-owned brand of Liing Shian Colorant, with 3D printer filament being the primary production. As a 3D printer (or nicknamed "bot") is operating, there is a spool of filament beside it which does the 'feeding' continuously, and hence the name BotFeeder.

Markets are the fundamentals that govern the survival of all forms of businesses, and we have always been paying close attention to changes concerning plastic & rubber industry on the market, so we may continue providing superior products and services. Moreover, we believe that by sticking to our motto, together with our 30-year plus expertise in the field of plastics, we will be able to provide more diversified 3D printer filament to better serve your varied needs.


Liing Shian Colorant Manufacturer Co., Ltd., a company that possesses 35 years of cumulative experiences in the field of pigments and chemical auxiliaries for plastics/rubber, deals with color masterbatches for all kinds of common and engineered plastics, thermoplastic elastomer and rubber; catering for requests of designated color matching in masterbatches production is part of the services we pride ourselves with. Additionally, our very own R&D team also supplies customized functional masterbatches (e.g. conductive compound, antistatic compound, and flame retardant compound ... etc.) and develops special compounding materials.

Since foundation, our company motto has been "Innovative And Dedicated R&D", "Ultra-Precision Production", "High-Quality Control", and "Excellent Product Service". Hence, we shall continue down the path of such ideal by devoting ourselves into bringing more refined, if not advanced, products through the pursuit of renewed techniques and extensive research. Because to everyone here at Liing Shian Colorant, we believe the greatest honor can only be granted by recognition and support from all prestigious clients.